Welcome to SPE Nord-engineering (NORDENG)!

NORDENG is a fast-growing company specialized in designing and consulting in civil and industrial engineering, principally in hydraulic and transport constructions.

The company unites the team of professionals who work together more than 12 years, number of them have over 40 year experience in the designing and civil engineering. Our team has designed and engineered various objects from the Arctic to Africa.

We also supply wide range of products and technologies: marine products and equipment, recycling, powersaving etc.

We base in Moscow, Russia and are open to both regional and international cooperation.


  • High quality standards
  • High efficiency
  • Meeting client’s budget expectations
  • Offering non-standard solutions
  • Huge archive of designing and survey materials
  • Designing specialized transport infrastructure – waterway, port objects
  • Use of the latest methods and techniques
  • Specializing in design and engineering sea hydraulic structures situated in places under harsh conditions
  • Huge experience in passing all approvals in Russian authorities which is highly important in construction of sea infrastructure in Russia
  • Huge experience in developing schemes to solve administrative and legal questions (from technical to ecological etc).

The main property of the company is our team of professionals with huge experience in designing and engineering. We managed to find the perfect combination of mature engineers’ extended experience with energy and sense of purpose of young talents.

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